New Patients are Welcome

New patient routine examination:

For an initial consultation all adults will have a 60 minute appointment booked. This will allow for a detailed examination including soft tissues, radiographs as required.

New patient with a specific problem:

Please discuss the problem with the receptionist so time can be allocated for a detailed examination and any required treatment started.

Second opinion:

We are happy to give a second opinion for which we do a detailed examination including soft tissues, radiographs as required and a written report.

Young Children:

Advice will start for expectant parents and in the early years. We are happy to see young children at any age, however we like to start checking the teeth at around 2 years old. They will start by sitting on a parents lap, progressing to climbing up onto the chair and polishing. This process may take many appointments and no pressure needs to be applied. We find that most children enjoy coming in and all are rewarded with a sticker.

Six Year olds and above

Hopefully this age group should be now comfortable coming to the dentist. We now hope to provide a full preventive programme tailored to each child including diet advice, tooth brushing, fissure sealants, vacuum fitted gum shields, scale and polishing and fluoride treatments. All this would be covered by Denplan Care.